How It Works


All you really need to do is click on the “Get Started” button, send us a little information and finalize the payment.  Once you have a subscription, a newly published, high quality, hard cover or board book will be sent out each and every month.  Will your first subscription be for one of your own children, niece, nephew, grandchild, or maybe a great-grandchild?


The books are chosen by us from some of the most popular publishers and will be from their newest collections.  The books will also be chosen based on the child’s age, divided into 3 age groups.  Those will be “0 to 2”, “3 to 5” and “6 to 8”. Some people believe that reading to a child also helps the child to learn to read, spell, rhyme and comprehend sooner and better than those that have no or limited exposure to being read to.
There is something about reading aloud to a child that brings the two (or more) of you close together in way that cannot be replicated anywhere else or by anything else.  Just imagine the enjoyment that you had reading a book with someone that loves you when you were a child.  Now imagine passing that memory to a new generation and seeing them light up because of the experience.


The books will be sent on the same day every month, utilizing the same mailing system.  Therefore, the books will be delivered roughly the same day every month.  Weekends, Holidays and the weather can always play a part in things, but shouldn’t delay a shipment for long.


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